Buona Festa Della Donna!

Today I’ve been sharing this picture on social media–a snap of one of my favorite ancestresses (I spend so much time studying these ladies; I sure hope I’m allowed to pick favorites!). She is the lovely lady on the right, a California girl, pictured sometime around 1911 while out on the town with a friend. Isn’t she a dapper doll? I adore her! She is a woman whose life I have spent the past couple of years studying, and I hope to spend many more until I come up with a very in-depth narrative of her story. Among her amazing life accomplishments, she served in the Navy during Word War I. Love it! 🙂


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Networking with Italian Americans


If you are an Italian American who wants to know more about your ancestors, you are not alone!

The POINT (Pursuing Our Italian Names Together) organization is the most comprehensive Italian American family history groups anywhere. Their local chapters, magazine, and e-mail digest are so helpful to members of the Italian American community. And don’t forget the POINT National Conference (where yours truly has been a presenter!), where you can mix and mingle from POINTers from around the world as you learn the latest and greatest research strategies for compiling your pedigree! 🙂