Family History Books


Family history book-making is a service I provide to researchers who enjoy the thrill of the genealogical hunt, but who do not have time to stop and transcribe, document, cite, and write about the records that they find, or who already own/inherited large collections of files by previous researchers who did not take the time to properly process their findings.

As part of this service, I:

–Organize, label, catalog, and file all your family history documents (digitally and/or hard copy)

–Create a more organized filing system for future research projects

–Transcribe your research results into a timeline, complete with source citations for each document on file

–Create a master spreadsheet of your documentary holdings

–Enter research results into genealogy software, if desired (photos optional)

–Write the resulting family history narrative, complete with graphics, charts, etc

Fee: $150.00 per hour, with a six-hour minimum.

*Note that research is a separate service, offered at my Genealogy Research page, but can be combined with this in a package purchase. Message me for details.

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