Infographic: Genealogy Evidence and Proof

Some changes were made to genealogy standards over the summer; with the publication of Dr. Thomas W. Jones’ text Mastering Genealogical Proof  by the National Genealogical Society in June, I had to revise my genealogy proof infographic  to reflect the additional categories of sources, evidence, and information contained in Jones’ book. Below is the revised infographic of those concepts, in my own words, and I will be revising it again after the February release of the new BCG standards manual if I note any changes, so stay tuned to this post for any edits/updates! 🙂


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How to Prove Your Pedigree (infographic)

I’ve seen many researchers and students confuse historical records with evidence or proof. Historical records are sources of information. From these sources–and the information they contain–researchers must find evidence, then apply that information and evidence to the drafting of proof.

Because many of my students find this process confusing, I’ve designed an infographic  to help them:

Genealogy Document Analysis infographic

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